The rise of omni-channel retailing is increasingly becoming a necessity in the sector, and recent research reveals that many businesses, including retailers in Australia, should do more to improve this aspect of the industry.

In a recent report published by Accenture, the global consulting firm found that “retailers who struggle to implement omni-channel initiatives online also experience challenges meeting customer expectations in offline channels”, showing that all types of retailers can benefit from omni-channel advice.

So how can both domestic and international retailers put this type of retailing at the centre of planning?

1. Maintain an effective online presence

Even though strategy may focus on bricks-and-mortar stores, ensuring that you have an easily identifiable online presence across a number of platforms in the virtual world will build your brand too. This can lead to an improved customer base, through better interaction within your demographic of customers.

Considering your search rankings should also be a part of the process. If you have high-quality products and amazing customer service, but are impossible to find in a search engine, then you’re likely not to being experiencing the level of site activity and in-store footfall that your brand has the potential for.

2. Focus on mobile communication

Effectively using the mobile platform is a great way to create a connected experience for shoppers. Smartphone and tablet activity can create a path to your store, whether that’s customers checking a menu before they book a table or using a ‘find in store’ function to avoid waiting for the postal service, the importance of utilising on-the-go devices has never been greater.

3. Unify experiences

While several online platforms as well as physical retail units may seem disparate at first glance, when analysed in greater depth they can actually provide a unified experience that is quick and simple for consumers and executives alike.

Amassing data from this different formats gives strategists a wealth of information to garner insight into how best to target customers and drive profits, which are both essential when planning for the next quarter as well as the longer term.