Perhaps one of the most successful marketing innovations in recent times according to retail consultants has been the rise of the pop-up shop. A concept based on taking up units for short periods of time has been welcomed and used in all areas of the industry, from small businesses to massive multinationals and promoting product from food, clothes and make-up to just about everything in between.

What was once a one-off phenomenon has become a reoccurring trend that sees customers returning time and time again, seemingly not showing signs of tiring of the idea yet.

Drivers to continue this momentum include the quick turnaround between opening and closing, urging consumers to visit before the shop disappears – perhaps never to return again. It’s also a good way to reach new customer bases, who may enter the store simply out of curiosity but become regular supporters of a brand. The somewhat exclusivity and intrigue surrounding these illusive locations, often off the beaten track or in undiscovered places, can create a sense of being in the know and ahead of trends, as well as competitive edge, for those that engage with concept.

From a retailer’s perspective, it’s a good way to test a line or location before a wider roll-out. This can be an effective cost-saving exercise for those operating at all levels of commerce, as well as being a novel way to try out a new business idea or revitalise struggling performance.

Using the pop-up shop device also encourages the use of technology within the retail space too. Whether this is due to smaller spaces to function in, or being in harder-to-locate areas, the pop-up shop can incorporate social media, technological devices as well as POS software all seamlessly into the store too. This increasing use of technology is adding to the allure of the format, by reinforcing a more permanent presence with “dependable, secure infrastructure” according to cellular network provider CradlePoint.

Whatever happens in the future to the pop-up shop, it’s certainly made a mark in the industry which likely won’t be forgotten in a hurry.