Here’s an example of a brave retailer: H&M.
Although their audience is, for the most part, ‘mainstream’, they know that you don’t get them in store by appealing directly to them, rather you have to build meaning with the people they aspire to be (something brands appealing to a similar customer don’t always get). They do this by using supermodels in their ads (the same ones being used by Gucci, Vuitton etc that season), they do partnership with high-end fashion designers…and now they’re extending this to the arts – something that is traditionally the realm of luxury brands and their ‘cultured customers’. 
H&M are partnering with artist Jeff Koons, as part of the artists upcoming retrospective at New Yorks Whitney Museum. The sponsorship will include limited edition product as well as a ‘takeover’ of their brand new 57,000 square foot flagship store in NYC (their biggest store to date – which will include all their lines plus a concierge service). We think this is such a bold and innovative move – showing that H&M aren’t resting on their laurels but they continue to strike new ground…we’ll no double see this move to partner with the arts as a trend (as others no doubt catch on).MTE5NTU2MzIxOTg2NTc3OTMxMTIyMjM1MjM1NTkwOTY0NzQ4