During the festival there was obviously a lot of talk about the role of creativity in organisations outside of advertising and marketing departments. One of the best talks on the subject came from designer Yves Behar.  Behar is one of the minds behind the One Laptop per Child and the creative officer for wearable tech company, Jawbone.

During his talk, Behar spoke about how design and the appreciation of creativity within organisations is changing. He referenced the 90s, saying this was a time when ‘there was zero belief design could make a difference’. It was seen as superficial and skin deep.

It seems that this paradigm shifted when Steve Jobs managed to integrate design into the ‘business world’ through Apple. Through this process he helped pave the way for a new set of companies (like Jawbone) which have design at their core.

This shift to have creativity at the heart of business is resulting in:

  1. Companies moving from differentiating on features (faster, stronger etc) to differentiating on design;
  2. Design being used to accelerate the adoption of ideas;
  3. And finally, bringing true innovation beyond just promotion to a business (or as one speaker summed it up ‘promotion wins quarters, innovation (design) wins decades’).

So really, if Behar (and the rest of the festival) is to be believed we need to embrace creativity and design as business fundamental (not a department or vocation).

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