Towards the end of last week rumours of Apple buying Beats (headphones and streaming platform) were confirmed. This is an interesting (and controversial) purchase for Apple. In the last few years their acquisitions have been less high-profile with interests in up-and-coming companies providing tech they want to use (not a brand they want to use).

To quote one Blogger ‘If Apple wanted to sell expensive high-end headphones, they don’t need to spend $3 billion’. On the surface this might seem like a strange move, but what if this is part of Apple’s wearable tech play? Just think headphones that can choose music according to where you’re walking, your mood, or direct you to a location.

Apple currently doesn’t have a ‘wearable tech product’ or even the ability to enter this area quickly. This purchase could very well be Apple’s leap-frog to Google. Perhaps made even more interesting as Google are working with Luxottica to help make their glasses a little less sci-fi and a bit more ‘wearable’.

We guess, stay tuned.