Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker, ex-Morgan Stanley internet analyst and ‘go to’ on internet trends, delivered her annual ‘state of the internet’ address last week, and here’s what we learnt:

  1. You need to start with mobile: Mobile data traffic is increasing rapidly (+81% y.o.y) and that’s mostly thanks to video;
  2. We spend more time ‘watching’ our phones: Australians spend 125 mins a day looking at the TV versus 132 mins looking at a smartphone.
  3. We’re consuming more in less time: As screens have proliferated we’re spending the same time consuming content, but it’s being spread amongst smartphones, TV, PC and tablets. So in essence we’re taking way more in – but potentially with less engagement. So content producers (and advertisers) need to be entertaining to be noticed…or add twitter. There’s a great slide in this deck (118) which shows that people who watch an ad while they’re using twitter have increased purchase intent;
  4. Be ready for new currencies: 5 million Bitcoin wallets exist (+800% y.o.y);
  5. There’s no gap between an ad and purchase: 44% of US tablet owner are shopping while watching TV;
  6. We’re getting faster at adopting new technology: Tablets are growing faster than PC’s ever did (+52% in ’13);
  7. Social is getting personal: We’re seeing a rise of messaging services (like What’s App and Snapchat), gathering over a billion users in under 5 years. This is a move away from broadcasting fewer messages to large audiences and rather frequent interactions with smaller groups of contacts;
  8. We still love ‘Free Shipping’: 47% of online transactions use free shipping (+12% in the last 5 years).
  9. Streaming is better than owning: When it comes to music consumption streaming grew by 32% (or 118 billion music units) while digital track sales (-6% or 1.3 billion music units) and physical music sales (-13% or 172 million music units) declined;
  10. We can’t get enough pictures: The daily number of photos uploaded and shared continues to grow as new platforms emerge like Snapchat. There are 1.8 billion photos shared each day (that’s +600 million more shared each day than last year).

There’s also a great slide on the ‘average revenue per user’ for Google, Facebook and Twitter. Google’s ARPU is 6 times that of Facebook .

The full deck is available here