Last month, the Australian government announced plans to build a second airport in Sydney, located in Badgerys Creek – one of the city’s western suburbs.

While the prime minister heralds the decision as a chance to boost employment in the area, retailers in Australia have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a global retail trend.

Business and leisure travellers often find themselves with a lengthy wait in an airport, which generally inspires them to browse the numerous shops and restaurants located nearby. A number of global and local brands have already taken advantage of this shopper behaviour – investing in space at airports across the country.

However, the majority of sales made at an airport are impulse buys – inspired by sales and attractive displays – as luggage restrictions minimise a customer’s ability to carry their purchases home.

According to the ‘North American Business Travellers’ Airport Retail Trends, 2014-2015′ report from retail research agency Conlumino, “renowned brands at discounted prices” and “competitive prices” are key factors motivating impulse buys at airports.

Additionally, many travellers experience stress and anxiety while in airports. Whether this is inspired by a fear of flying or the frustration of a delayed flight, individuals may turn to the nearby shops to partake in a relaxing bout of retail therapy.

“Often flying can be really confronting and people can feel quite anxious, so we want to give them an environment that can settle them,” Sydney Airport Retail General Manager Andrew Gardiner explained in a recent media release regarding the introduction to new retail brands in Sydney’s first airport.

“When people think about retail therapy, customers find it therapeutic so it’s about finding the right balance. This means looking at how we can utilise the space because there’s always something new in retail.”

For local retailers in Australia who have been considering expansion, it may be worth investing in a retail space in the new Badgerys Creek Airport. While construction is not expected to be completed until approximately 2020, real estate within the complex may become available much sooner.