Fast food companies are placing an increasing focus on retail strategy as the marketplace becomes more competitive. These strategies range from new types of retail stores to vending machines that assemble hot food.

One new food trend is called Foodbox, and aims to deliver meals in 90 seconds. Ordering is done on a tablet device, and food is then served via conveyor belt at the counter. Customers have a choice of meals from restaurants in the area, which are packaged and stored at Foodbox ready for customer delivery.

Once a customer chooses their meal, the package is heated and put onto the conveyor belt, ready for pickup.

“It took us three years to create and develop this idea. Very soon we will be taking this concept to other cities,” said founder of Foodbox Satish Chamyvelumani.

“I am confident that every aspect of Foodbox will be thoroughly enjoyed and this model will take customer experience to an all new level.”

Foodbox could eventually become a viable option overseas, tailored to specific markets. The franchise is set to grow by another four stores through 2015.

On a smaller scale, Burritobox is an American company that creates vending machines with the ability to assemble burritos and dispense them to customers. While certainly a novelty, it’s this kind of retail trend that’s becoming popular with consumers.

The burrito vending machine plays the customer a commercial while the food is made, bringing in revenue a physical store would never see. This way of selling also guarantees customer interaction.

It’s a certainty that fast food will continue to evolve over the next few years as customers demand new types of food and methods of delivery, whether based in a vending machine or physical store.

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