One food trend that’s seen a recent global uptake are food trucks – vehicles driven to a busy city location to serve a variety of cuisines.

In Sydney, the trend has caught on, spreading like wildfire through the urban centre. Following a trial program running two years and additional strong support from the public, the program has been voted to remain permanently. Another significant impactor were the enquiries from over 600 potential truck operators.

The Lord Mayor Clover Moore explained the value of the Sydney Food Truck program, outlining how creative ideas can create an entirely new industry. She also added that a supply of food after many other restaurants and retailers close was of great benefit.

“Not only are the trucks generating new business and creating jobs across the city, they’re also giving Sydneysiders fantastic new late-night dining options that simply didn’t exist a few years ago” she said.

“Over the two-year trial period, the trucks have been embraced by locals and visitors alike, and we’ve been swamped with enquiries from potential operators keen to set up their own food truck business.”

Other mobile industries are likely to crop up around Australia following the success in Sydney, and may find similarly favourable results. Food trucks have been developing in the US, with a similar objective of providing food to urban dwellers late at night.

As there’s no doubt residents enjoy the experience, moving into the space could be a good opportunity for businesses wanting to increase retail branding.

“We’re delighted to commit our long-term support for this exciting new industry, and look forward to seeing even more trucks hit the streets soon,” the Mayor Clover Moore said.

Following this success, other innovative food trends may soon see an adoption in Sydney, especially a population so eager for new ideas.