An Australian retailer has recently begun a new advertising campaign that targets the nose rather than the eyes.

Super market giant Coles placed a series of advertisements in major Australian newspapers recently with a focus on engaging customers in a new way. Instead of showing a picture of the product, the chain opted to place a scented page.

The product in question is a new lemon myrtle hot cross bun being prepared for Easter sale. The advertisement features a scent with lemon, ginger and orange. It remains to be seen what effects the advertisements have, but if successful other retailers may be quick to catch on.

“For the launch of the Heston for Coles Lemon Myrtle Hot Cross Buns, we knew we could do more than just show customers – we wanted them to experience an element of the product through creative communication,” said Simon McDowell, Coles marketing and store development director.

As the internet, television and radio have taken preference for advertising over traditional print media, an invigoration here could spark a new range of advertisements. Food, perfumes, shampoos and other products may begin using the scented advertising method.

“Using innovative publishing technology, the heart-warming, sweet, spicy and uniquely Australian aroma of Heston’s hot cross buns drifts off the page. We cannot wait for Australia to taste the first bites of the Heston for Coles range,” he said.

Wherever retail marketing moves in the next few years, efforts such as those from Coles will surely be the ones with the most positive customer feedback. Over Easter, the chain could see substantially more sales thanks to its advertising efforts.

Following an innovative Easter campaign for the store, it will be interesting to see what’s produced for future product launches.