Australian supermarket chain Coles has recently unveiled significant expansion plans, involving the creation of a number of new stores around the country. During the project there’s going to be significant benefits for Australians, such as new construction and retail jobs.

Coles was founded over 90 years ago by George Coles in Melbourne, quickly growing in number throughout the early 20th century. Now, the supermarket chain is one of the largest in Australia, with the goal of providing excellent customer service and products people need.

“We are optimistic about the future and are firmly committed to customers, team members and communities across Australia,” said Ian McLeod, Managing Director Ian McLeod of Coles.

While other markets experience a slump due to economic conditions, Coles is taking action by investing $1.1 billion in new stores. Over the course of the investment, more than 16,000 new jobs are predicted to be created in several different industries.

During construction, 8,200 construction jobs from various sectors will be temporarily available – likely involving every aspect of the expansion project. After the new stores have been completed, 8,500 full-time roles would have been created.

“These jobs will kick start careers for thousands of young Australians and provide new employment opportunities for thousands of other Australians looking for new jobs,” explained Mr McLeod.

In addition to the new store expansion plans, Coles has also invested over $3 billion in rebuilding and rebranding over the past five years. The overhaul helped to significantly modernise the chain, bringing branding in line with competitors.

Other retailers will likely follow similar expansion plans, as growth into new areas helps to establish dominance over competitors. In the case of Coles, the expansion will likely pay off in the near future.