Recent figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) proved once and for all that online retailing has become an accepted shopping tool among Australian consumers.

In 2012-13, 76 per cent of Australia’s 15.4 million internet users made at least one purchase over the internet. Similar proportions of male and female shoppers completed purchases online (75 per cent compared with 76 per cent respectively).

Approximately 83 per cent of Australians are online, connecting with brands, friends and family over the internet. However, more than three quarters of these internet-savvy individuals were purchasing “travel, accommodation, memberships and tickets of any kind” ABS Assistant Director of the¬†Innovation and Technology Statistics Branch David Tailor explained.

These experience-based items were the most popular purchases among both men and women. However, the second place online retail items differed between genders. Women were more likely to purchase clothes, cosmetics and jewellery (59 per cent), while men sought out CDs, music, DVDs and other entertainment items (50 per cent).

So, what does this mean for retailers in Australia?

A recent report from independent research firm Nielson showed consumers are likely to pull out the smartphone to check prices online, even while standing in physical retail showrooms. The Digital Consumer report, released on February 20, revealed 66 per cent of smartphone users had stopped to check prices online while in a store.

With the increasing popularity of shopping online, customers can easily hunt for the best price from a great many retailers without all the footwork, time or effort.

This means that it is no longer just enough to draw consumers in through your doors. Once inside, you still need to compete against the online retailers offering similar products at potentially better prices.

If you’re struggling with your instore retail branding, or losing customers to online retailers, you should consider improving your presence on the web.

When a consumer checks their connected mobile device in your store, the ideal result would be for your brand to land on the top of their search results. Increasing your Google search rankings through effective online marketing is just one way of achieving this.

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