Social media is an important part of any retail marketing campaign but have you considered what Pinterest could be doing for your business?

While it’s not the first platform retailers in Australia turn to when creating a social media campaign, more than 500,000 businesses have created accounts on Pinterest in an effort to connect with the 70 million individual users.

Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest has grown from a social media novelty into a tool for driving views and sales among many leading retailers. Research from the Pinterest marketing firm Piqora found each ‘pin’ attached to a user’s interest board results in an average of 78 US cents in additional sales for the brand featured in the post.

Global retail giant, Nordstrom, has embraced the Pinterest community, even allowing the users to influence their bricks and mortar retail design strategies. The most popular pinned items from the Nordstrom board are identified by red tags across Nordstrom’s 117 stores, according to a November 23 article from Business Insider Australia.

“Our customers are on Pinterest, so we want to be there too,” Nordstrom Social Media Manager Bryan Galipeau told Business Insider last year.

“Pinterest is in many ways the world’s biggest wish list – and so it also fits well with our goal of having our merchandise show up in our customer’s wish lists.”

If you’re thinking about adding Pinterest to your social media campaign, Piqora has offered three tips for making the most of the popular site.

Pin on the weekends and pin often

Pinterest traffic peaks mostly during the weekends, so it’s important to post plenty of content during this time. If working during the weekend doesn’t appeal, you can install a third-party pin scheduler to ensure pins are being posted outside of work hours.

Piqora recommends posting 5-15 pins every day to maximise the referral traffic.

Pay attention to popular items

If a certain item is being re-pinned frequently, you’ll need to make sure this product stays in stock. Pinned items can remain popular for months or even years after the original pin, with average posts peaking two months after the original pin.

Optimise your website for referral traffic

Approximately 35 per cent of Pinterest users visit the site only on their mobile phone, so it’s important that these users are able to view your webpage if they were to follow links from your Pinterest posts.

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