If you’re a small to medium retailer in Australia, you may not have the huge marketing budget of your global competitors.

Often small businesses can struggle to compete with larger enterprises as brand awareness relies so heavily on the consumer’s knowledge and awareness.

However, before you attempt to create high-budget advertisements and media promotions, have you considered the cost-effective retail marketing staff already at your disposal?

From the owner to the supervisor to the front of house staff, everyone employed in your retail business has the potential to help you market your brand.

There is one important key to making the most of the potential retail marketers within your organisation – social media.

Instead of hiring an agency to run your social media campaigns, consider asking your staff to take control of these marketing platforms.

By using a team member to run your various social media sites, you can create a more personal face to your company. A person who has inside knowledge of your business and its customer base is more likely to connect with consumers on a more intimate level.

Additionally, showing your employees that you trust them to represent your company can encourage staff to feel more loyal and positive about their position in the business.

If you are worried an untrained employee might not be the best advocate on your business’s official social media sites, you can also ask employees to interact with your brand using their own profiles.

Many Australians hold multiple social media accounts that can be used to create conversations between users.

By requesting your staff engage with your brand online, you can simply and effectively increase audienceship and awareness by capturing the attention of your employees’ friends, families and followers.

Additionally, a social media page that is updated regularly and often involved in unique and original conversations is likely to generate more traffic through search engine optimisation.

This could encourage an immense return on investment, simply by creating an online relationship with your own staff.

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