If you’re an online retailer in Australia, chances are you have some sort of sign in method or form to collect the details of consumers who visit your webpage.

However, recent research collected by consulting and technology firm Infosys has revealed customers prefer social media logins to independent signups.

This involves giving the individual the option to sign into your site using their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.

Online retailing often requires consumers to input details to ensure they are a real person, genuinely interested in the sale. By allowing customers to use information from their third party networking sites, they will be able to save the time and hassle of having to remember login information for each site they visit.

Unfortunately, this is a relatively new concept among online stores, with only 30 of the top 500 web-based retailers actively using social logins.

This figure is worryingly low, considering 40 per cent of consumers prefer social logins over filling in registration forms, according to an infographic from research organisation Monetate.

Of those who prefer social logins, 60 per cent named Facebook as their number one choice of social site, followed by Yahoo (12 per cent), Twitter (11 per cent), Google (10 per cent) and LinkedIn (7 per cent).

The Infosys research also found approximately 60-70 per cent of shopping cart abandonment occurs due to a tedious login process. Social sign in can cut this time down dramatically, reducing the rate of transaction abandonment.

Additionally, forgotten passwords or login details can discourage consumers from returning to your store, an issue they would be less likely to have with a single third party sign in.

Social site logins can also benefit retailers in Australia due to an increase in access to consumer profiles and demographic data. By connecting with their social media site, it is easier to discover who the person viewing your page is, allowing you to market to them accordingly.

Also, being pre-connected to their social networking site should make consumers more likely to share your page and their purchase with their friends and followers, potentially drawing more traffic to your product.