When a customer agrees to receive weekly updates from your store through email, this can be a significant step forward in the precious consumer-business relationship.

However, there may come a time when the individual decides they no longer want to see your retail marketing propaganda cluttering their inbox. So, the hunt for the unsubscribe link begins.

While you may prefer not to see the customer let go so easily, it’s important to follow a few simple unsubscribe best practices to ensure the departing consumer isn’t left with a sour taste in their mouth.

Make it easy

A customer who no longer wishes to receive your updates will want the unsubscribe process to be as painless as possible.

If you’ve hidden the unsubscribe link in the depths of your email and it takes too long to find, you run the risk of the customer simply giving up and reporting your email as spam.

Instead, make the link obvious. State the intention plainly using clear language, such as ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘stop receiving these emails’.

Additionally, once the link has been clicked, how many pages do customers have to dig through to find the confirmation?

Avoid forcing your audience to log in, fill in a captcha or confirm their details. Instead, best practice is a one-click process.

Give them another chance

When a customer decides they no longer wish to receive your emails, this doesn’t mean you have lost them forever.

Once they have confirmed they want to unsubscribe, give them the option of following one of your social media pages instead.

Additionally, you can offer a reduced rate of updates. Let the customer know they can change the frequency of emails in your preferences centre or come back at anytime to re-subscribe.

Leave them smiling

The unsubscribe process should be painless and simple, but it needn’t be dull or sombre. Try to inject some humour to leave the consumer with a positive memory of your business.

With a simple joke, amusing picture or funny video you can inspire your departing customer to laugh, which resonates more strongly than begging them to stay.

Additionally, if you come up with an unsubscribe page clever or funny enough, the customer may even be encouraged to re-subscribe and share your page with others, improving your word-of-mouth promotion and reputation.

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