Attracting customers through the doors of a brick and mortar store can be one of the most challenging obstacles faced byretailers in Australia.

This is particularly difficult for businesses located in difficult-to-find places away from main roads or shopping centres.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies that can be put in place to help improve foot traffic in store.

Advertise your location

Take advantage of local media to ensure your ideal consumers know where to find you.

By having your organisation’s location listed in newspapers, on social media sites and in view of potential customers, you can ensure that even a store tucked away on a quiet street will attract some attention.

An online retail marketing strategy is especially effective as 64 per cent of shoppers choose to research their purchases online before heading into physical stores, according to Yahoo’s Small Business Advisor site.

First impressions

What your store looks like on the outside can often be just as important as what you stock on the inside.

Cracked paint, moldy walls and dim, cloudy windows will all contribute to a negative image that may discourage customers from approaching your front door.

It is therefore important to maintain a positive and attractive image. This can be achieved by simple cosmetic maintenance to the outside of your property, including repainting, cleaning and tending to greenery.

What’s on the inside counts

Once you’ve encouraged a consumer to approach your front door, you want to ensure they spend the maximum time inside your store to increase the chances of a sale.

You can influence a customer’s desire to stick around by improving the accessibility and ease of use of your space.

This is achievable through maintaining a clean, well maintained interior. Dust, dirt and dim lighting reduce a customer’s comfort and could encourage them to head for the door before observing the merchandise you have available.

You can increase ease of use and accessibility by ensuring signage and navigation within the store is easy to read and encourages customers to find what they are looking for more efficiently.