A brand new shopping experience is landing in Sydney this summer, embracing an innovative approach to retail design.

Rotate, curated by The Cool Hunter founder Bill Tikos, is a series of pop-up stores open for the coming 12 months in Sydney. However, every eight weeks the stores’ themes will change.

Staying fresh and innovative while following up-to-date retail trends, everything about the store will transform every two months.

A new theme, new design, new store – The Cool Hunter hopes to say goodbye to the ‘same old boring sets of stores’.

The concept will likely inspire consumers to make purchases more frequently, as the product mix will change every eight weeks. This means if customers wait too long, they risk missing out.

There will be new themes for each two month period, such as Summer Lovers, The Art Hunter and Winter Wonderland. But The Cool Hunter reassures consumers that these designs will be much more exciting than the typical retail strategy.

Rotate stores promise to be constantly innovative, fun and interactive. These are stores that will always be changing, providing a constantly evolving and exciting way to buy and experience brands.

Products and brands featured in these stores are being carefully curated by The Cool Hunter team. There is expected to be a wide range of exciting local brands and unique international offerings.

The decision to open the Rotate stores followed the enormous success of The Cool House temporary stores in Melbourne and Sydney last year.

More than 10,000 people visited the two week temporary stores curated by The Cool Hunter in 2012, which involved designing a store that looked and felt like a home.

The Rotate stores will be opening in various locations in Sydney in early December, with ‘Summer Lovers’ the first theme on display.