Retailers in Australia are encouraged to create alliances with the connected shopper by embracing changes to retail technology.

“It’s not about the systems or technology itself, but what the technology enables,” Motorola Senior VP Marketing and IT Eduardo Conrado explained at the 2013 Westfield World Retail Study Tour in New York, according to a November 6 media release from

Motorola has identified how technology and innovations are changing relationships within the retail environment. Three key areas that allow technology to enhance the retail experience are the connected shopper, the informed associate and visible operations.

The connected shopper are customers who are increasingly bringing their own technology with them into brick and mortar stores.

“How do we interact with them to enable that one to one relationship within the store environment?” Mr Conrado asked.

Relationships within all levels of transactions and systems in retail stores are being addressed by new technology coming from Motorola.

An example of this innovation can be seen at UK supermarket chain, Tesco.

Tesco made the request to Motorola for a product that ‘gives a little bit of technology to lots of people in the store’.

Motorola then developed the ‘smart badge’, a small piece of technology worn as a badge by sales associates in the store.

The staff use these badges to check in as they start work. The system then holds information on each employee so it can automatically assign the best associate to customer questions or certain tasks depending on their knowledge and suitability.

The badges also hold information on price checking, inventory checking, communication and micro-location, to improve the experience for the connected shopper.

Micro-location allows for merchandise to be found easily in store, while also monitoring to provide a signal that products have sold out, making responding to customer enquiries much easier.

“At the end of the day we’re looking at an event driven architecture that ties all the pieces together, making that technology useable for the consumer and sales associates,” Conrado said.