While shoppers may cringe at the thought of fighting the Christmas crowds, every retailer has high hopes that the holiday season will put them back in the black. With that in mind, it’s really never too early for business owners to start devising retail strategies to boost sales over Christmas.

For these reasons, the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) is imploring the newly installed Abbott Government to put its small business pledges into motion immediately. Doing so will help retailers prepare for the swiftly approaching holiday season, and allow them to increase their profit margin after a difficult year.

Retailers in Australia are particularly eager to see policies such as the carbon tax abolished, so that consumers and business owners will have a little extra money in their pockets.

“The recent surge in consumer and business confidence is reflective of the Government’s commitment to address issues such as carbon tax, competition policy and red tape,” said Russell Zimmerman, ARA Executive Director.

“The commitment to finally address these ongoing issues is music to the ears of struggling retailers.”

Immediate action by the government is necessary to free up investment and lower costs in time for retailers to take advantage of said policy changes, thereby increasing sales and maximising their revenues.

According to the ARA, the new government must make a concentrated effort to rapidly repair competition policy, in addition to its other promises to retailers in order to ensure the success of their businesses over Christmas and boost the economy.

The ARA anticipates that the new government’s proactive stance on helping small businesses will help the economy thrive through raising the confidence of consumers, retailers and business owners.

In the meantime, retailers should prepare for the holiday season by evaluating what stock they want to move and sending loyal customers coupons via mailing lists. It’s also important to spend some time engaging in online retailing by building hype around holiday specials and new or exclusive products on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.