UK department store chain John Lewis has developed an innovative new way to showcase their products, merging art and retail together.

The company recently announced the exhibition of a brand new ‘TV Gallery’ that will highlight their latest range of ultra high-definition televisions alongside the work of leading contemporary artists.

Retailers in Australia may want to take note of the company’s unconventional marketing move, as it may pay prove to be fruitful for their own retail strategy in the long run.

Rather than rolling out a standard in-store launch for the new range of televisions, the creative exhibition will feature specially-commissioned digital art by noted contemporary artists displayed on the TV screens.

With innovative 4K and OLED technologies providing a whole new visual experience, the exhibit is sure to capture the attention of a wide range of consumers. In particular, the event is set to act as the UK launch of the much-anticipated new Samsung Curved OLED TV.

Various artists in the exhibition will present their works, which span the fields of design, illustration, animation and digital art. The exhibit has attracted the likes of leading creatives from all over the world, including animator Luca Agnani, street artist and painter Inkie and visual artist Yuriy Mironoff.

The exhibit will be held from September 5-7 at the Rook & Raven Gallery in London.

“For our customers purchasing technology products, brilliant design and market-leading functionality are equally important,” said John Lewis Head Buyer Johnathan Marsh, in an August 29 statement.

“The TV Gallery has been a fantastic project that has allowed us to show, for the first time, artwork by¬† a selection of contemporary artists, on ultra-high definition screens, offering four times the resolution of current HD televisions.”

For those looking to revamp their own retailing in Australia, the John Lewis art exhibit may provide some inspiration.