Online retailers in Australia that are part of the international retail market experience a high rate of competition with many other bigger companies and brands.

As retail is a fierce marketplace to compete in, it only makes sense for businesses to create a unique selling point that sets them apart from others.

There are many ways that a traditional brick and mortar stores can do this – but when it comes to the online environment, there are even more possibilities, especially with the opportunities that mobile technology brings.

So in order for companies to expand their online retailing store’s presence, it may pay to regularly review strategies in place withretail consultants.

Have a social presence

To ensure that retailers are getting the web traffic and exposure that they want, it’s important to have a sound retail marketing strategy in place.This may also include the use of social media websites to act as a method of promotion and communication between the company and its consumers.

According to a report from UPS and comScore, 84 per cent of those who partake in online shopping use social media websites. Furthermore, they use these social media tools to actively engage in seeking out updates and promotional information from companies that they follow.

This shows that having a social presence – to go along with an online retailing store’s presence – will help companies better communicate and engage with its target customers.

Take advantage of other channels

As we are now well into the digital age, it is important for retailers to take advantage of what technology has to offer.

Many retailing businesses are releasing mobile shopping apps for smartphones that allow users to purchase products from their phones anytime and anywhere – creating an extremely convenient way of shopping.

And mobile commerce (M-Commerce) is continually on the rise. According to information from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales index for July this year, M-Commerce has increased by 136 per cent year-on-year in the UK. This shows just how popular the trend of shopping on mobiles is rapidly increasing in a short amount of time.