Retailers in Australia may be pleased to hear that a recent survey has placed the country in the top three worldwide when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The Zendesk Benchmark for the second quarter of this year reveals that Canada and New Zealand also scored highly in the survey.

New Zealand’s score of 92 per cent in customer satisfaction is actually 1 per cent lower than in the first quarter of this year, although the country still maintains its place at the top of the list.

Canada recorded a score of 91 per cent, up by 4 per cent from the last quarter, and Australia rounded out the top three with 89 per cent, which was also a 4 per cent increase from the first quarter of 2013.

During the second quarter, average customer satisfaction recorded in the Zendesk Benchmark reached 81 per cent. This figure is up by 3 per cent compared to the previous quarter and 1 per cent from the same time last year.

The rise in customer satisfaction comes amidst a larger leap in global consumer confidence, which should also mark good news for Australian retailers.

Interestingly, the survey also noted that “the mobile consumer” is becoming a clear trend in the Zendesk Benchmark report, a fact which retailers may need to consider as part of their retail strategy.

According to the report, the number of users accessing content made available by companies on a mobile device has increased by 50 per cent over the last 12 months.

For the second quarter of this year, 26 per cent of users accessing this type of content were doing so on a mobile device compared to 17 per cent at the same time last year.

The results of the Zendesk report reinforce those from a Gartner study, which found that worldwide mobile phone sales grew by 3.6 per cent during the second quarter of this year.