Victoria’s first ever Support Small Business Day has received the backing of the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), who are applauding the effort to raise awareness of the state’s local retailers.

Support Small Business Day will take place on October 19 and provides a great opportunity for local retailers in the area to brush up their retail design and take advantage of a potential influx of customers.

During the one-day event, retailers, cafes, restaurants and more will get into the spirit with special promotions, incentives and other retail marketing initiatives, while Victorians can reconnect with the local businesses that make up an important part of their state’s economy.

In fact, the event’s principal partner National Australia Bank is providing $100,000 worth of customer incentives and prizes to encourage more Victorian residents to participate in the government initiative.

ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman hopes retailers will also support the scheme, as it offers a valuable opportunity for local retailers to add to their retail strategy and build more awareness of their own brand in the market.

“Small businesses are vital to the Victorian economy, representing 96 per cent of all businesses in the state, and accounting for almost half of all private sector jobs,” Mr Zimmerman said in an August 29 statement.

“The ARA is pleased to see minister Asher and the Victorian coalition government show a solid commitment to bolstering our small businesses, and we look forward to the inaugural Support Small Business Day boosting trade and raising awareness of local retailers across Victoria.”

Small business operators are being encouraged to register with the event by going to the Support Small Business Day website, where they can create a profile for their business and take part in free workshops.