In what could be great news for retailers in Australia, secure money transferring platform PayPal has announced it will be expanding its services offline to stores across the country through a new mobile app.

A few leading hospitality technology companies in the country will be able to use PayPal’s offline services to make cash-less and card-less transactions – potentially allowing for quicker and easier purchases to be made by consumers.

Catch Group’s online and mobile ordering site EatNow will be one of the first to see the new service, with its consumers being able to place orders for products through the mobile app.

The PayPal app allows users to ‘check in’ to cafes, restaurants and bars, and pay for their purchases. Instead, they will log into their PayPal account on a mobile device.

Once rolled out, the new services will allow customers to make payments and order on any device, eliminating the need for people to carry around wallets with them.

“PayPal launched the world’s first digital wallet, leveraging cloud technology to provide customers with a secure, financially independent, device-agnostic solution that provides true flexibility on desktop and increasingly on mobile devices,” said PayPal vice president of global product Hill Ferguson.

This type of technology may be extremely useful for many businesses to include in their retail strategy, as smartphones are becoming an increasingly popular item for people to own and carry with them at all times.

“Mobile has driven dramatic shifts in the path to purchase, providing Australian retailers with more opportunities to interact with their customers and engage with them at a number of touch points beyond the traditional storefront,” said PayPal Australia managing director Jeff Clementz.

As retailing in Australia is a very competitive area, it’s beneficial for businesses to stay up to date with latest trends, especially the rapidly evolving area of technology.