A new study from online retailing giant eBay has shown that Australians are amongst the biggest group of consumers in the world for shopping through their mobile phones.

This retail research may help businesses in Australia to adapt their strategies and accommodate to the market by adopting mobile shopping capabilities.

The ability to allow shopping through mobile devices will allow many retailers in Australia to tap into markets – such as shopaholics – that need a quick and easily accessible outlet to purchase from on-the-go.

According to eBay’s New Era of Mobile Report, Australian shoppers have been the fastest to evolve in the span of five years, shifting their focus to mobile retailing.

Research findings showed that 62 per cent of young Australians who were surveyed stated that they have shopaholic-like tendencies – meaning that they spend a large amount of their time shopping and thinking about purchases.

And as mobile phones have become a staple for many of these young Australians, it gives them a simple and handy outlet to make their purchases.

“Australians are some of the savviest shoppers in the world. In 2013, we predict that $20 billion worth of transactions will take place through the eBay App globally – 33 times more than the $600 million in 2009,” stated eBay Australia and New Zealand director of buyer experience Nicolette Maury.

The research also found that the majority of mobile shoppers were female, with more women admitting to being shopaholics than men (75 per cent).

Almost 50 per cent of eBay’s global revenue comes from multi-screen users, which means that the mobile shopping market is quite powerful.

This figure may even be set to expand in the future as mobile technology continues to evolve and improve over time, allowing faster internet connections and better user interfaces for consumers.