The rapid advancement of technology over time has led to many unique opportunities for retailers in Australia to expose their brand and image in the web environment.

From smartphones to social media platforms, there is always a new development happening somewhere at some point.

However when it comes to fully taking advantage of what the web has to offer, there are many retailers that could do more.

Having a good retail strategy is key to ensuring that you’re making full use of what online retailing allows businesses to do.

One of the newer social media platforms to emerge in recent years is Pinterest. This website allows many companies to utilise high quality images, customer communication and social sharing strategies all in one environment.

Two great examples of retailers using this platform to communicate with its target consumers are American discount department store Walmart.


Walmart has created two Pinterest accounts – one for its more general product ideas, and another to promote a greener way of living for its consumers.

The green account also represents the company’s voice and gives customers an insight into what the company is all about. For example, there is a ‘board’ titled ‘A Look Inside Shareholders’ which contained a number of photos from a Shareholders meeting in 2012.
Uploading ‘boards’ such as this help to put a face on the company, and help to make the experience more pleasant for customers.

The general product ideas account provides wonderful displays of products which can give customers ideas of how products would look in their own homes. Included in the many ‘boards’ are seasonal clothing trends, product tips, and gift ideas.

On top of this, the account also provides a number of home tips – such as crafting and recipes – which improves the online experience for site visitors.

These are great strategies to increase the number of consumers returning to the website, as this kind of information may be of interest to them.