Consumers tend to be more loyal to supermarket brands than they do to retailers that sell shoes, clothing or personal electronic devices.

This is according to a new British survey carried out by eDigitalResearch, which revealed that not all shoppers are swayed by loyalty programs and other offers that are designed to entice them into certain stores.

Interestingly, the survey found that many people are placing increased emphasis on customer experience rather than shopping for items with the lowest price.

According to eDigitalResearch commercial director Derek Eccleston, customers may have originally been swayed by loyalty programs – but now that the process of price-matching is becoming more common, brands need to find new ways to stand out from the crowd.

He added: “Building a good relationship with your entire customer base is essential and providing a consistent customer experience is key to that.”

The full results of the survey are expected to be released in July, but the preliminary findings offer valuable food for thought for retailers of all kinds.

In Australia, the For Love or Money report suggests that the issues of loyalty and customer experience go hand in hand.

For example, the study found that 80 per cent of people who were  members of a particular retailer’s loyalty program were more likely to buy from those companies, while 55 per cent would prefer to shop at a store that offered rewards and incentives over those that did not.

But the survey also found that only 41 per cent of Australian consumers feel that loyalty programs offer good value and have improved in recent years, highlighting a potential area of improvement for Aussie brands looking to remain ahead of the curve.