Pop up stores are a great way for retail outlets to make an impression on their customers by using a temporary store. Often, the retail design for these stores is unique, eye-catching and bold to ensure that customers are enticed to go in.

These types of stores are good for promotion and provide retailers with an opportunity to showcase new and upcoming products.

Those who would like to add a pop up store to their retail marketing strategy may wish to take note from some of the following fine examples:


Taking things to a new level is the retro101 mobile pop up shop. This store has been fitted into the interior of an old bus, which is fully operational and drives around the city of Indianapolis. This ’boutique on wheels’ sells vintage clothing and perfectly ties in with the design of the bus.

The store also has online retailing capabilities, allowing customers that missed the miss to be able to purchase products on the web.


This is not just a regular pop up shop, but a semi-permanent shopping mall constructed out of shipping containers. Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Re:START complex was constructed after earthquakes devastated the area.

Currently, there are over 50 retailers located in the complex with this number expected to grow.

Featuring vibrant colours and unique designs, the Re:START complex offers its shoppers a pleasant experience in an area surrounded by destruction.

Nike’s Pivot Point

Another fine example of a pop up store being used is sportswear giant Nike’s Pivot Point store located in Brooklyn, New York.

This store was open during the Christmas period at the end of 2012, and was constructed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Air Force One – one of the company’s most popular products.

Here, customers were treated to a creative and futuristic design which showcased the brand’s evolution over the years.

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