Retailers in Australia looking to boost their sales volumes and improve their customer communication may be interested to hear the results from a new worldwide survey.

The survey, conducted by business consulting firm Infosys, included 5,000 respondents in Australia, America, and Europe, and addressed the topic of sharing personal information in order to get better service.

Results from the survey were contrasting and reflected the complicated feelings that people have towards sharing some of their personal information.

Findings showed that 70 per cent of respondents from America, Europe and Australia feel comfortable sharing personal data with retailers.

At the same time, 78 per cent of respondents said they would be more likely to buy from a retailer again if they provided offers and promotions that targeted their needs. However, they are not quite as comfortable sharing this type of information with retailers.

This can create problems for retailers who are wishing to deliver tailored online promotions and strategies.

Three quarters of respondents believed that retailers are falling short with current targeted ads that they receive in mobile apps, and 72 per cent have said that emails and online promotions they receive do not correctly reflect their personal wants and needs.

With the digital-sphere becoming an increasingly populated place for people to spend their time, it has created a number of new issues regarding the sharing of personal information.

Businesses that utilise the online environment – such as email services or mobile apps – may wish to review their current retail strategy to ensure that they are targeting their customers correctly, and creating memorable campaigns and promotions that resonate with consumers.

It may be a good idea for retailers to spend some time getting to know what their customers want through retail research, and then creating specific strategies in order to accommodate to their desires.