When it comes to showcasing your products in a traditional brick and mortar store, it’s important that you choose an area that can really show off what your brand and products have to offer.

Retailing in Australia is a competitive landscape, so it’s crucial that you find a way to make your retail floor space stand out from others.

For instance, if your space is located in a mall, what kind of attractive features does your shop have that will draw people in over visiting other stores?

Perhaps you have music blasting from the inside, interactive window displays, or a uniquely designed storefront – it’s about choosing a space that caters to your retail branding and strategy, and helps you to implement it in practice.

A major influence when choosing a retail space is determining the type of customer you are targeting, and then accommodating to their needs.

If your retail business is a large homeware and appliance store, then it may not be best to choose a space in a quiet row or shops, or in a department mall.

Instead, it may be a good idea to look for a large warehouse space with a generous parking area so that your customers can carry their products to their cars with ease.

Alternatively, if you have a clothing store that caters to young teenagers then you may find it wise to find a space within a popular department store or mall.

Don’t be put off by high leases, as they have been set for a reason. If the location of the space that you are looking at is truly great, and provides decent access for customers, as well as an optimal position for walk-ins, then the cost of leasing the floor space will be worth it to receive a good amount of foot traffic.