The average Australian woman would rather go shopping with her mum than with a celebrity partner – even if the man in question was Ryan Gosling!

According to the survey, which was carried out by IKEA Family and reported by News Limited, women are keen to keep their shopping expeditions within the family.

Men, however, are a different story. When faced with the choice of whether they would prefer to go shopping with their mum or Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr, the overwhelming majority chose the Aussie supermodel.

While the research offered a lighthearted view of the difference between male and female shoppers, it also offered some unique insight into the way the two sexes shop at IKEA.

Women shop for homeware eight times more often than men do, but surprisingly, men are more willing to part with their money. On average, men spend 26 per cent more on homeware products than women do each year.

But News Limited also pointed out that one-third of men shop under protest – these reluctant shoppers claim they are there because their partners make them.

The survey was carried out in honour of the one millionth member joining the IKEA Family loyalty scheme, which allows members to receive discounts on select items at IKEA, including furniture and meals at the furniture retailer’s famous restaurant.

Members also benefit from free insurance that covers the cost of IKEA products as they are transported from the store to members’ homes and an extended return policy for up to 12 months.

IKEA Family members can also be eligible for a weekly draw of $250 – and $0.10 is donated to charity every time an IKEA Family membership card is swiped.