If you haven’t included building a comprehensive social media presence into your retail strategy, then you may want to look into making a change!

The web is a great environment for retailers in Australia to showcase their products, and tap into markets that they couldn’t reach with a regular brick and mortar store – such as international or on the other side of the country.

Creating an online store website is one thing, but actually marketing your brand and creating exposure is another.

However when it comes to business and brand exposure it’s a good idea to utilise social media. Doing this will allow your brand and your products to be shared amongst others, exposing them to more and more people.

As with all technology, the online environment is constantly improving itself and evolving, so it’s always best to make sure that your retail strategy follows suit.

Using Tumblr

A great use of various social media platforms is by British clothing giant Topshop. They have made a dedicated Tumblr to showcase their products – which is extremely important for a clothing retailer.

Here, users can ‘Like’ posts, or ‘Reblog’ them to their own Tumblr pages. At the click of a button, readers can easily share looks that they enjoy with their own followers, who can then share with theirs.

Instead of social media sites like Twitter or Facebook – which can be quite restricting – Tumblr allows users to completely redesign the page and build it with their own unique themes, colours, fonts and tones.

The visual rich media allows retailers that use Tumblr to create a functional and engaging platform to communicate with their customers.

Users can post many different types of content to their Tumblr pages, including chats, questions, photos, videos, audio, links and text. This means that companies can post high quality media to be shared amongst consumers on the internet.

Retailers in Australia that would like to increase their brand exposure and create a good advertising campaign may want to consider using Tumblr in their next retail strategy.