Retailers in Australia – including brick and mortar and online retailing – may wish to take a few pointers from the many innovative web retailers currently in the market.

The web opens up retailers to a whole new world of opportunities, including the ability to communicate with target customers, and the use of unique design and websites for more pleasant shopping experiences.

As the online environment for retail is an international marketplace, it is extremely important for businesses to create a goodretail strategy to ensure that they are reaching positive sales levels.

There are many other businesses in the world that utilise the web for sales, so levels of competition can be fierce.

However, online clothing retailer Threadless uses a combination of communicating with its target customers, social media, and customer feedback to create its own unique and innovative way of selling its products.

For those that have not heard of Threadless before, it is an online store for apparel (mostly t-shirts), accessories, and home decor items. Their biggest differentiator in the market however, are the designs that get featured on their products.

Often they are stand-out, modern, colourful and reference popular culture. And it is these designs which makes Threadless a popular place for the purchase of t-shirts.

One of the most interesting points to make about this apparel retailer is the way that their products are selected. Users of the website can upload their own designs to be made onto a t-shirt. However, before any products get placed for sale on the site, they must go through a voting process by customers.

This is true social commerce, as the process allows customers to vote for the products that they would consider buying, meaning that trends are hand picked by customers themselves.

Users also have the ability to share their favourite designs through social media, allowing friends and followers through Facebook and Twitter to witness them.

This is a great idea that many retailers could take notice of, as it has proven to be quite a popular concept for Threadless overall.