British multinational clothing, footwear, makeup and accessory retailer Topshop is a well known name all around the world.

It produces cutting edge fashion to young fashionable men and women, features at London Fashion Week, and occasionally collaborates with the odd celebrity to create customised collections.

Its success can be seen all over the internet – with many customers sporting their wares on fashion blogs and social media websites such as and Instagram.

To hone in on its target market of young fashionistas, Topshop and Topman (its male oriented counterpart) has taken advantage of technology and used it as a channel to communicate with its key consumers.

Retailers in Australia may want to take note of how Topshop has created a successful and thriving multi-channeled communication strategy so that they can also reap the benefits from the online environment.

Topshop mobile app

Topshop has created a fully transactional mobile app for its shoppers – delivered through iOS for iPhone.
The app provides customers with the ability to scan products and see if they are in stock in other stores, the ability to purchase products through online retailing, and share product picks with friends through social media platforms.

A section of the app named ‘Notebook’ allows users to select and save a customised list of their favourite or wishlisted products. Users can also select and set their preferred size, which the app will remember for future product selections.

The app also features a store locator, where users can search for the closest stores and view map locations.

These mobile app features may seem small, however they make the biggest differences in personalisation and creating pleasant shopping experiences.

Online presence

The Topshop mobile app connects to the Topshop Tumblr page – where users can keep an eye on company posted street-style and Topshop products.

The Tumblr page mimics street style blogs, such as Face Hunter or Street Peeper, where bloggers approach young fashionable people on the street and take photographs of what they are wearing to showcase streetwear trends.

On top of Tumblr, Topshop utilises Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the company even has their own blog titled ‘Inside-Out’.

Topshop demonstrates successful usage of social media platforms in order to communicate with their target customers – something that many other online fashion retailers may want to consider.