The Commonwealth Bank of Australia unveiled its plans for a new product last year which aims to revolutionise the way retailers in Australia interact with their customers.

Albert – a tablet which runs on Pi platform software – is easily transportable, customisable, and makes point of sales (POS) transactions easier for both the business and its customers.

For example, hospitality workers are able to bring Albert to a seated table where customers can pay for their meals securely.

Unlike many other retail trends that focus on taking advantage of social, mobile and online technologies, Albert takes things to a new level.

Commonwealth Bank’s executive general manager of corporate banking solutions Kelly Bayer Rosmarin stated that customer interaction is being totally transformed through Albert.

One of the device’s best features, is the ability to download and install unique applications that have been designed specifically to improve businesses’ interactions with customers.

‘Split the Bill’, one of the many applications available for Albert, allows a group of customers to divide the bill between people and pay at the table using their traditional bank cards.

Albert also features a camera for scanning, and is able to read vouchers that customers present in-store.

Also available through applications is an inventory app. This will help retailers to keep track of their stock levels and sales volumes.

“We know businesses want to have richer relationships with their customers but have felt restricted in the ways they can do so,” said Ms Rosmarin.

“Pi will help break down these barriers, having been designed from the ground-up and based on actual business feedback to deliver a solution that will revolutionise the customer experience. Interactions between businesses and their customers will never be the same again.”

Although it is a digital device, people should not worry about security issues as it has in place high standards of EMV chip and pin security.

Albert provides businesses with a “game changing” service that will not only improve the way retail businesses operate but also how they interact with their customers.