You have probably heard about the UK-based clothing retailer ASOS. They’re hip and fashionable, they stock their own line and other designers, and they have free worldwide shipping – meaning that they have a presence in international markets.

Founded in 2000, ASOS (originally standing for ‘As Seen On Screen’) has grown to become the United Kingdom’s largest independent online and fashion retailer.

Through their 13 year life-span, ASOS have developed ways of reaching out to their target customers and have finely tuned their available facilities to ensure a unique and pleasant shopping experience for its customers.

Retailers in Australia should take note of some of the features that ASOS have in order to reap benefits from the online environment.

Product suggestions

Features that have proved to be rather helpful for customers are the ASOS ‘Complete the look’ and ‘We recommend’ panels on the right hand side of the screen. These helpful boxes provide links and pictures to other products on the website to complement the item being viewed.

Video demonstrations

One of the hardest things about purchasing clothing through online retailing is imagining how it would look when it is being worn. To combat this issue, ASOS have provided a ‘catwalk’ runway video demonstration of models wearing their clothing.

This provides customers with a real impression of what the product would look like in real life – and helps to make up for not being able to physically see and try on the item in store.

Customer service

Shifting a company’s focus to become a solely online environment means that a website will be the main and only point of contact between a customer and the company. Therefore it is extremely important to have top notch customer service available to your customers through the company website.

ASOS have dedicated a Twitter feed (@ASOS_HeretoHelp) for customer queries, and on top of this they have an extensive Frequently Asked Questions and Help guide available. Should customers feel the need to contact the company through email, ASOS has a 24/7 help desk available – and state that replies will be made within a four hour time frame.