Selected Victorian retailers in Australia are set to see benefits from the Victorian government’s latest initiative, which will provide grants to 32 local councils and traders associations in the state.

“Victoria’s retail sector is the state’s second largest employer and a key economic driver. It is vital that this sector continues to be competitive and innovative,” stated Ms Asher on March 20.

The program will offer additional support to the grants that are already offered by the government and traders associations, and will help to ensure that local projects are tailored to fit the needs of businesses located in community areas – such as shopping malls and local stores.

“By working hand-in-hand with their local councils and trader groups, small retailers will have the chance to develop their business and marketing strategies, gain new skills, and improve their online and social media capabilities,” stated Ms Asher.

The funding will also help retailers to improve and develop retail management skills, implement technology in order to increase productivity, and strengthen business and trader associations in the precinct.

Australian retailers that want to increase levels of productivity may wish to consider retail consulting in order to freshen upretail strategy and drive sales to meet set company goals.

Retail consultants can help companies to create comprehensive business, marketing, branding and communication strategies to implement in the future, and help align and guide retailers to achieving their goals.

“Local retailers have experienced a number of challenges over recent years, including a tough economic climate, online retailingand restrained consumer spending,” said Ms Asher.

Every year until 2016 the coalition government will provide $85,000 of funding to the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), with Mainstreet Australia receiving a sum of $50,000. This funding is released as part of the Streetlife initiative to support local businesses into receiving specialist programs and training.