The design of your store can create a long-lasting impression on people who walk inside, so it’s important to ensure that your floorspace is creatively designed to attract new customers and encourage existing ones to return.

A clever design will help to set apart your business from others – which is why creating a unique presentation is key to helping your business succeed and drive sales up.

Retailers in Australia may want to take note of some of the following examples of outstanding retail design:


If you have ever stepped foot in an IKEA warehouse, you’ll know it’s not really anything special. It’s the showroom upstairs that contains all of IKEA’s wonderfully displayed products and creative designs.

The showroom is like stepping into a house – except really it’s about 100 mini-recreations of homes, all uniquely designed to fit specific themes and trends.

The rooms contain almost everything a normal bedroom or living room would have – even clothing hanging in the closets – and it’s this finely tuned attention to detail which makes IKEA stand out.

IKEA stocks general household furniture items and also fittings and fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms. Their display techniques and store design is a great use of floor space to showcase products, as it gives a chance for customers to see exactly how a product would look after purchase.

2. Aesop Skincare

The store design of this Australian owned high quality skin care chain reflects their products – elegant, natural and contemporary.

Known for implementing unique designs for each store, Aesop definitely knows how to utilise every inch of floor space available to create an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience for its customers.

They even created a store interior solely out of cardboard that they use for shipping in their Flinders Lane branch, and another out of 400,000 sheets of New York Times newspaper sheets in New York.

Cutting ideas such as these are just the kind of hype needed to drive up foot traffic in your store.