The ‘Online Retail Sale Index’ report released by the National Australia Bank Group (NAB) has shown that online retailing is changing the face of the marketplace, and domestic online retailers are taking hold of the market.

Spending in online retailing by Australians has risen to an estimated figure of $13 billion for the year up to January 2013, with growth continuing to be steady at 27 per cent year-on-year for the month.

Usually, this time of the year can be quite quiet for online retailers, as it comes after the influx of Christmas shoppers in November and December. However, this January has shown positive results for 2013 so far.

Taking a firm hold over international retailers, domestic retailers in Australia have been dominating the market and accounted for around 73 per cent of total sales.

The domestic online sales saw a 28 per cent increase year-on-year – positive news for local businesses launching into the online environment.

The report also showed that the most spending was in New South Wales at 33.5 per cent, with Victoria coming in second at 23.4 per cent.

Results displayed that the key demographics for online spending are those aged in their 30s and 40s, each taking a 23 per cent and 23.4 per cent share of spending per age group.

Household goods, online auctions, fashion, cosmetics and electronics have proven to be the most popular sub-sectors of online retailing.

Items that saw better growth than usual were in the household and electronic goods categories.

The growth in electronics was especially seen in November 2012 – this period aligns with the release of the new popular Apple products.

In the NAB report, Tony Davis from Quantium has stated that strong sales in the online category may be due to the launch of new digital devices, and consumers’ increasing confidence in online sales for holiday shopping.