Information released from IBISWorld has predicted that Aussies are expected to spend an increased amount of money on chocolate gifts this year, and purchase food and grocery items for traditional Easter celebrations.

IBISWorld stated that spending is forecasted to be more than $3 billion, with an increase of spending per capita from $130.33 to $132.85.

As everybody knows, Easter is the chocolate holiday, with chocolate sales averaging high (around 50 per cent more than the average week) during this part of the year.

For 2013, chocolate spending is estimated to increase by 5.2 per cent from last year to $185.7 million, however there has been a shift to organic and dark chocolates as of late.

“Australians are becoming increasingly health conscious, a trend that has resulted in growing demand for low-fat and low-sugar treats. Dark chocolate is expected to be a popular choice this Easter as it is regarded as a healthier indulgence”, said IBISWorld general manager Karen Dobie.

Chocolate will be the favoured gift, with increased interest in luxury brands such as Lindt.

However, as the traditional celebrations are expected to rise it presents great news for food and grocery retailers in Australia.

Liquor stores, supermarkets, and butchers are predicted to see an increase in spending as more groups of families and friends host a barbeque or dinner at home.

Ms Dobie stated that overall predicted spending on food and beverage will see an increase of 3.6 per cent, reaching around $1.55 billion nationally.

Holiday and travel spending is predicted to see growth of only five per cent, which may be caused by the Easter period lying just outside of the school holiday period in some states. Many Australians

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