It is often said that first impressions are everything – and this is certainly the case when creating a retail environment.

Considering how the layout of your store can affect customer behaviour is essential to making sure the people who walk through the door will ultimately make a purchase.

1. Know what your customers want

Understanding customers is the holy grail of retail – invest time in carrying out market research to find out what they want when they visit your store.

If they are likely to want to spend time browsing the rails, or would rather be in and out quickly for a fast purchase, make sure your layout accommodates this.

2. Put best-selling products in view

Any good retailer should know what their best-selling products are – put them in easy reach so you can entice customers into making an impulse buy.

3. Clear signage

Customers who can’t find what they are looking for are likely to become frustrated, which is where clear signage will come in handy.

Give them an indication as to which part of the store they need to aim for and this will discourage them from going to your competitors.

4. Create an image

A store with a clear image will resonate better with consumers – it is all too easy to fade into the rest of the retail backdrop and become just another store.

Knowing what your brand’s identity is will allow you to steer the layout in the right direction.

5. Freshen up

Giving your layout a makeover once in a while can bring benefits – it might encourage customers to explore new parts of your store and possibly even buy additional items.

Doing this too frequently, however, should be avoided – remember that some people want to make quick and easy purchases!