It’s no secret that the digital landscape has had a major impact on our everyday lives over recent years – and the retail sector is no different.

A new study from, commissioned by DataStax and carried out with research partner Okamura Consulting, showed that no aspect of the retailing industry is immune from digital changes.

The report titled Organisational Structure for the Future of Retail: The Digital Effect highlighted that everything from finance to IT and store operations have been forced to embrace all things digital – and the trend is showing little sign of stopping there.

Executive director of Vicki Cantrell explained: “In an age when the customer truly is king, the good news is that traditional organisational silos are coming apart, even if there is much work ahead.”

The study considered the ever-growing role of ecommerce, emphasising that there is a growing need for the right organisational structure to accommodate the sector.

The success of ecommerce comes down to the need for digital skills and teams to be properly integrated into the business as a whole, rather than existing as a separate entity.

Retailers are also under more pressure to allocate resources to ecommerce in order to make sure the sector is able to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

This follows the State of Retailing Online survey from and Forrester Research, which suggested that online retailers need to get back to basics if they want to retain customers.

More than half of those questioned said they would be looking to optimise websites over the coming year and find ways of improving the checkout process.

Not only this, many of them pledged to offer alternative payment methods to consumers and provide better product detail pages to anyone hoping to make a purchase.