Social media has revolutionised the way that companies market themselves, with an effective campaign not only helping to boost business, but also increase public awareness of a brand through one of the most powerful mediums.

Marking an enterprise through social media can also improve the image of a brand, get a valuable insight into potential markets and grow an organisation in the process.

There are a number of differences between a good campaign and a bad one, however – here are some of the best from 2012.

Battle at the Olympics – Nike vs Adidas

The 2012 London Olympics presented an opportunity for sporting brands that only comes around once every four years, and this year Nike claimed the spotlight.

Nike’s campaign included billboards around London featuring the slogan #findgreatness. Adidas embarked on its own social media strategy, featuring Great Britain athletes and the hashtag #takethestage.

Nike received the lion’s share of the social media action as a result of its campaign, with more than 16,000 tweets associating the sporting brand with the Olympics between July 21 and August 2, compared with 9,295 for Adidas.

The success of this campaign became clearer after Nike revealed it attracted 166,718 new Facebook fans during the games versus 80,761 for Adidas.


To celebrate reaching one million Facebook fans, the confectionery company launched a unique social media campaign to engage more with customers, their networks and other untapped markets.

Despite having so many fans, only 16 per cent of them ever saw content that the brand posted on its Facebook page.

In a bid to change this, Cadbury built an enormous Facebook ‘like’ thumb out of its chocolate, releasing teaser ads for the big unveiling.

The event was live streamed and as a result, the company gained 40,000 Facebook fans and had more than 350,000 people actively involved in the campaign.

Old Spice

The company’s advertisements featuring Isaiah Mustafa received global recognition, but this year the brand decided to embark on a different marketing strategy.

It’s social media campaign consisted of an interactive video with ex-NFL player Terry Crews.

After watching a video of the athlete playing a variety of different musical instruments by flexing his muscles, people could have a go at their own tune by using the keyboard.

The result? More than eight million views on Vimeo.

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