Christmas is just around the corner, which for many Australians, means it’s time to start wrapping presents to put under the tree.

Whether you realise you still have a few gifts to purchase or you’ve left all your shopping to the last minute, millions of Aussies will hit the stores over the coming days in the lead-up to December 25.

Buying presents at this time of year can be a headache, especially if you don’t know what to get your loved ones this Christmas.

Here are some last-minute gift ideas if you’ve still got a few presents to purchase.


If you’ve got a little one to buy for this Christmas, why not consider some Lego? Having been around for decades, it is both educational and fun for boys and girls.

Whether you choose a prehistoric dinosaur or a pirate ship set, this is one gift from Santa the kids will definitely enjoy.

Transportable radio

It’s no secret that Aussies are fond of the outdoors – whether it be the beach or park, many of us enjoy spending time outside.

That’s why a transportable radio is the perfect gift this Christmas! Just pop in some batteries, jack in the iPod, and you can take your tunes everywhere!


Since the launch of the iPad, tablets have exploded in popularity, with its versatility making it the perfect gift for everybody.

A number of toys on the market this year use a tablet to function, so this is ideal for both kids and adults.


Whether it be a new pair of slippers, a dressing gown, pyjamas or a nightie, sleepwear is a great gift for women, and almost impossible to get wrong!

Gift cards

It’s a bit of a cheat’s way of getting out of Christmas shopping but many people would prefer to receive a voucher rather than a gift they don’t appreciate.

Instead of giving your loved one a gift card to a retail store, why not purchase a voucher with an events company where they will have the option of choosing tickets to a theatre, play or concert?