Retail analysts are dubbing 2012 as the first year that North American shoppers have been able to take advantage of “Black Weekend” shopping deals.

Traditionally, Black Friday – the day after US Thanksgiving – is a day of heavy discounts to kick-start the Christmas shopping season in the United States, but this year, many retailers extended their sales from Thanksgiving Day (November 22) to Cyber Monday (November 26).

According to data and analytics engine eXcelate, this is a trend that we are likely to see again in the years ahead – and rather than significant spikes in shopping traffic on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday (touted as the busiest online shopping day of the year), it is more likely that the shopping figures will even out over this weekend of discounts.

eXcelate chief executive officer Mark S Zagorski said: “We believe that 2013 will see an even greater shift toward mobile shopping and that all five days spanning Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday will even out as the notion of the ‘Black Weekend’ becomes a reality.”

He added that with figures showing a rising number of people shopping online via tablets and mobile phones, it is likely that many consumers will choose to make their purchases from home – particularly if they are spending time with family or watching major sporting events like football games.

Zagorski said: “Today’s advanced e-commerce technology enables multitasking, allowing multiscreen consumers to benefit from the best of both worlds – watching the National Football League games on the big screen while simultaneously shopping for advertised products on their digital devices.”

PayPal recently revealed that it processed a record number of purchases across the globe on Cyber Monday as consumers took advantage of online deals.