There’s a lot too be said for Zara… but mostly we are left with this powerful impression of
 how a dominant and confident retailer operates
Here is San Sebastian in the City centre [less than 10 blocks] you will find a Zara superstore over 1500sqm
 of fashion for woman and men
 ….. Just around the corner in the fashion precinct ….you will find another Zara store [not 200 metres apart]
But this one is smaller and more focused on ‘high fashion’
Then around the corner toward the City park… guess what there’s a huge [2000sqm] Zara Kids
…. And moving another block into the apartment living area of the city there is Zara Home
When you have a strong and powerful brand [and Zara does] then its just about understanding how far it will stretch
….to create dominance
Ok  Steve