Day 6 in Dallas and we are out visiting stores – Wholefoods Market, Lowes, JC Penney and Galleria Shopping Mall.
It’s Saturday, shopping day, so I was expecting to see lots of shoppers, but they are just not there … well very few are shopping!
So although the economy in Texas is fairing better than most of the country they just don’t seem to be out there.
But once again I’m reminded of the outstanding retailing standards of American retailers.
Wholefoods was simply amazing with the best suburban store display of fresh food I’ve ever seen … with artistically stacked displays on entry of six types of pumpkins, but the wow was the vertical display of parsley, broccoli, spinach and the like …. it would put the agricultural hall at the easter show to shame.
We visited a hybrid JC Penney store … as it’s about 12 months old [so it’s pre Ron Johnson] but has just undergone a substantial relay and refit with the addition of new branded displays, and it looks good and on track to re-inventing
department store retailing.
But the busiest store was H&M at Galleria, as the shoppers have worked out where to get great on trend affordable fashion.