Day 10 in London and we start the day at ASOS headquarters interviewing their senior management on their success and they love us Aussies. We are their 2nd largest market in sales but largest in traffic …. go us!
We recognise the lack of up to date fashion and the corresponding high prices in our home market, and as smart, savvy shoppers we don’t like it, so we are increasingly shopping on-line at ASOS … to the tune of $75M in the last 12 months.
ASOS sees itself as the world’s largest wardrobe with 2,500 new sku’s each week and 300,000 in total.
And by the way, their Aussie customers ‘price check’ more than any other nationality.
We also visited Dixon’s head office to hear blow by blow their turn around and shift from ‘traders to operators’ and their
approach to future success built on customer services and being ‘agnostic’ on product offering.
We finished the day walking Westfield Stratford with the management, and clearly they are still bedding down Europe’s largest urban shopping centre post the Olympics … but it was well worthwhile walking Primark just to see the crowds of people and chaotic value displays (as pictured]).