Over the 14 day of ‘Retail Study Tour’ we attended 2 days of presentations at Shop.Org and 21/2 days at World Retail Congress[WRC]
 ….as well organising an attending another 11 interviews with senior executives …there was a lot of learnings but with similar issues,
 obstacles and opportunities recurred in these sessions ….in all there where a total of 31 presentations and interviews we sat thru
Listed below are the ‘Top 10′ and why I think they are of value …enjoy…
1] Richard Galanti CFO of Costco @ Head office in Seattle was impressive with the simplicity and non-arrogance of his message…Key outtakes
 Follow your leader… Stick to the proven metrics which includes never sell at a loss…and never rush no matter how good the opportunities look
2] Michael Ziesser Principal Liberty Media @ Shop.Org presented his well thought paper on the changing nature of the Digital world …key outtake
Every 3 to 6 years there is a seismic shift in emphasis [eg ’01- ’05 search, ’06- ’10 user generated] and there is no history of a turn around in the internet space
3] Neil Beighton CFO of ASOS @ Head office in London spoke about the importance of new products and range width of their pureplay….key outtake
As the fashion editor[and aggregator] never undercut the national brands as the relationship is everything …but know how to extend vertically
4] Sir Phillip Green[Owner Topshop] & Millard Drexler[CEO J.Crew] @ WRC in a panel discussion reconfirmed from years of experience the re-occuring themes
Key outtake..don’t rush but take a long term view…you must have an attractive brand…better is not bigger and finally owners drive the best outcomes
5] Sean Boyle & Dave Fides IR of Amazon.com @ Head office in Seattle  spoke extensively to Jeff Bezos 15 year vision and confirmed their core competencies as Migrator or inventor of IT for smarter fulfilment with the value of scalable resource… Key outtake… they are organisationally obsessed with a nauseating level of detail
6]  Jamie Nordstroms director of direct @ Shop.Org …told us that Nordstroms have been continually evolving their online strategy for 13 years and now see multi-channel as the only option… key outtake …single view of inventory and consumer are critical along with getting the whole organisation on-board
7] Jerry Storch CEO of Toys R us @ Shop.Org… Took it to the pureplay retailers with a highly articulate and metric driven argument that proves that  ‘stores are cheaper’ than             DC’s for distribution of goods …. Key outtake Stores are the social foundation on which all retailing has been done for 3000 years
8] David Lloyd Seed IR of Dixon’s @ Head office in outer London …walked us thru the step by step turnaround plan that was built by then CEO David Braywick [now at Apple stores to replace Ron Johnson]….outtake don’t deviate from the plan under any circumstance…stay focused and use resources where they will make the most improvement
9] Charlie Mayfield-Jones CEO of John Lewis, Ian MacLeod MD of Coles and Matt Shay CEO of NRF-USA in a panel discussion @ WRC reiterated with panache the key learnings we had been collecting…outtake biggest challenge is consistency and to do this it’s all about simplicity for store execution
10] Dave Cobly CEO of Google @WRC built an eloquent argument for Googles role in the ‘store of the future’ …he talked to living in the ‘retail renaissance’…outtake …Smaller but Bigger… Global but Local….. More connected in every-way
Once back in Oz I will build these abbreviated stories out into understandable detail and share them
Ok  Steve